A Magical Quests Story from Debbie Mumford

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce a new Uncollected Anthology tale from Debbie Mumford. Here are the details…

(Uncollected Anthology: Magical Quests)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Urban Fantasy | Short Story

Adjusting to life as an Old One— a magical being of immense power— can really mess with a college girl’s life! Gwen not only needs to finish her linguistics degree, now she must also study arcane lore.

Can anyone say “twice the work”? And her schedule was already full. Did someone mention a social life? Forget about it!

And on top of everything else, Gwen must discover her purpose… the special task only she can complete.

A vividly realized urban fantasy, “Old One” showcases a very special young woman’s quest to discover her destiny.

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WHITE BUFFALO is now available!

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce that Deb Logan’s third Prentiss Twins novel is now available in both digital and trade paper formats.

White Buffalo

(Prentiss Twins 3)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Middle Grade | Fantasy | Native American | Novel

Justin Prentiss and his twin sister Janine are Native American shamans … and they’re barely even teenagers!

When their grandfather tells them that a buffalo cow has disappeared from the National Bison Range in their home state of Montana, they immediately suspect that Unktehi, the Spirit of Chaos, is up to mischief again.

But is the warrior demigod to blame for this unexpected buffalo-napping?

Join Janine and Justin as they investigate the mystery with the help of their spirit animals, Thunderbird and Coyote, in this third Prentiss Twins adventure.

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