The 2021 Yearly Anthology is now available!

WDM Publishing is proud to present our anthology of short fiction published during the 2021 calendar year. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed producing it!


by Deb Logan and Debbie Mumford
General | Anthology | Short Stories

2021 was a banner year for short fiction at WDM Publishing. In this volume you’ll find stories for all ages. For kids and teens we offer exciting contemporary and urban fantasy, as well as a delightful cross between science fiction and mystery! For adults you’ll discover thrilling tales that run the gamut from urban fantasy to historical to cozy mystery.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the short stories WDM published in 2021!

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Another Uncollected Anthology Tale from Debbie Mumford

WDM Publishing is proud to release another urban fantasy title from Debbie Mumford along with the Uncollected Anthology group!

(Uncollected Anthology: Unexpected Histories)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: General | Urban Fantasy | Short Story

Kanti Misra loves her family’s banyan copse. The sweet scents of leaf and bark, orchids and sunlit sky bring her peace and joy.

How could her father promise her in marriage to an outlander? A man who lives in a world of metal and concrete?

A true daughter of her copse, Kanti refuses to disgrace her tree or family, but despairs of her betrothed ever truly seeing or understanding her.

A dazzling fantasy, “In the Banyan Copse” showcases the necessity of moving past biases in order to discover individual strengths and talents.

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