September 2017 Releases from WDM Publishing

WDM Publishing is proud to announce two new additions to our Spun Yarns imprint of short stories and short story collections. We hope you’ll enjoy Seventh: The Samhain Dilemma and The Worst Summer Vacation Ever Both are available at most ebook distributors.

First, Debbie Mumford continues her paranormal mystery series Gus and Ghost with another adventure based in the seventh-seventh legends.

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Paranormal | General Audience | Short Story

Halloween is coming and Detective Gus Collier and his ghostly partner Dr. Sarah Allen receive an early scare when Sarah’s incarcerated murderer, Jason Morgan, sends word to Gus that something truly evil will happen on the spooky holiday. Will the crime-fighting duo manage to find other seventh-sevenths to stand with them to prevent a hellish invasion? Time is running out for the citizens of the Pacific Northwest, and only Gus and Ghost can save the day!

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Next Deb Logan gives us a teen paranormal mystery / romance / family relationship tale based in the Finger Lakes region of NY State.

by Deb Logan
Audience: Paranormal | Teen | Short Story

Amanda Baines loves her family. Really. Even her younger siblings, the rug rats. But when her parents take all her carefully crafted summer plans and blow them straight to … well someplace even hotter than Oklahoma in July, she is definitely not a happy camper. Spending the summer at the lake house her father had frequented as a child is SO not what she had planned. Especially not when said house is totally secluded and offers no modern conveniences. Not even an indoor toilet! Will Amanda survive an unplugged summer in a creepy old house that seems to be watching her like a beast of prey?

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August Release from WDM Publishing

WDM Publishing is proud to announce the latest short story addition to our Spun Yarns catalogue. Debbie Mumford’s Reality Bites! is a paranormal romance set in Yellowstone National Park. We’re sure you’ll enjoy meeting Ethan and Jenny!

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Paranormal Romance | General Audience | Short Story

When Ethan Riley earned a summer internship in Yellowstone National Park, he thought he’d won the world’s best lottery, but that was before he met the girl of his dreams, Jenny Leigh. Jenny’s family has lived and worked in Yellowstone for generations, and the beautiful and fascinating young woman knows all its secrets. Including a few that might just be the death of Ethan!



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