New Release: COYOTE

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce that the second novel in Deb Logan’s Prentiss Twins series in now available in both ebook and print formats!

(Prentiss Twins 2)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Middle Grade | Fantasy | Native American | Novel

Justin Prentiss and his twin sister Janine are Native American shamans … and they’re not even teenagers yet! With their thirteenth birthday fast approaching, Justin’s spirit animal, Coyote, informs him it’s time for his manhood ceremony. If he succeeds in the ancient rite, he’ll earn his magic.But why has he been forced to wait? His twin sister has been using magic for months!Join Justin as he learns just exactly who—and what!—he is in this second Prentiss Twins adventure.


Haven’t read the first Prentiss Twins adventure? You can find THUNDERBIRD here!

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A New Science Fiction Tale from Debbie Mumford

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce a new apocalyptic tale from Debbie Mumford.

by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Science Fiction | General Audience | Short Story

How will humanity end? In blood and fire? No. Mother Earth is more subtle than man. The death she sent was imperceptible, so quiet we didn’t even realize we’d been struck a fatal blow…until it was too late.



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