One Series Ends, and Another Begins

WDM Publishing is proud to announce the final book in Debbie Mumford’s epic fantasy series, Sorcha’s Children. The fourth and final novel, Dragons’ Destiny, is available for pre-order now and will be released on May 23rd.

DRAGON’S DESTINYDragonsDestiny-ebook
(Sorcha’s Children Book 4)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Epic Fantasy Romance| Novel | General

One of six dragon-shifter siblings, Luag has always known his destiny. The self-assured and highly intelligent black dragon is heir to the Rex of the ice aerie, destined to lead his flight into the future.

But Luag is consumed by questions about the past. Why is his beloved ice aerie antithetical to magic? Why have there never been gold dragons clutched in his weyr? These haunting questions lead Luag on a quest that could change everything… including his destiny!


Discover the complete Sorcha’s Children Series today!


While we’re sad to see the end of Ms. Mumford’s dragon-shifters, we’re also delighted to announce that Deb Logan has started a new series of stories for young readers! Her “Read-to-Me” series is designed for parents and children to enjoy together, and we’re pleased to lead the line-up off with Chattermaster.

(A Read-to-Me Story)
by Deb Logan
Audience: Early Readers | Science Fiction | Short Story

Blake and his family live on a generational spaceship, traveling to a new planet. He loves his family and his friends, but most of all, Blake loves to talk. But to earn his dream, Blake is going to need to be quiet and listen!



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Debbie Mumford’s Latest Release: SEEKER

WDM Publishing is proud to announce the release of the second novel in Debbie Mumford’s newest fantasy series: Signs of the Prophecy. Seeker is now available in both digital and print formats.

(Signs of the Prophecy Book 2)
by Debbie Mumford
Audience: Contemporary Fantasy | Novel | General

Gwen Vaughan is an Old One with a mission: search out all seven signs and combine them into a powerful new sigil to strengthen the Light. She’s found three, but can she discover the hiding places of the remaining four before her lethal enemy, the evil enchantress Lilith, can destroy her… and everyone she loves?

Gwen’s allies, human and Old One alike, are determined to help her succeed, but the Queen of Darkness is equally determined to make Gwen’s 23rd birthday her last. With the violence escalating, will Gwen find the strength to finish her quest?


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