New Release: Skye Dreams

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce the release of a new short story by Debbie Mumford. SKYE DREAMS is a contemporary romantic fantasy in the Gothic style. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Isle of Skye!

Skye Dreams

by Debbie Mumford

General Adult | Gothic Fantasy | Short Story

Jane has been dreaming of an impossibly handsome man since she was a teenager. She longs to discover if he’s real or a figment of her imagination, but his message doesn’t make sense. Not until she studies Celtic history does his meaning become clear. Now she’s on the journey of a lifetime, but will it end in love… or betrayal?

Only time will tell.


About Debbie Mumford

Debbie Mumford specializes in speculative fiction—fantasy, paranormal romance, and science fiction. Author of the popular Sorcha’s Children series, Debbie loves the unknown, whether it’s the lure of space or earthbound mythology. Her work has been published in multiple volumes of Fiction River, as well as in Heart’s Kiss Magazine, Spinetingler Magazine, and other popular markets. She writes about dragon-shifters, time-traveling lovers, and ghostly detectives for adults as Debbie Mumford and SFF for children and young adults as Deb Logan.
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