Beneath and Beyond

WDM Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Debbie Mumford’s most recent ebook, Beneath and Beyond. B&B is a short SFF story which explores humanity’s first contact with alien races. If you’ve ever wondered about the kernel of truth in our racial mythology, this is the story for you.

Electronic Edition Publication Date: July 2011
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Audience: SFF: Alien | First Contact | Short Story

Archaeologist Erin Carstedter is a no-nonsense kind of gal. If something can’t be defined by scientific method, it doesn’t exist. Erin’s beliefs are about to be tested by a ruin beneath the polar ice cap. What Erin discovers in those icy depths will challenge her thinking…and change the world.

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About Debbie Mumford

Debbie Mumford specializes in fantasy and paranormal romance. She loves mythology and is especially fond of Celtic and Native American lore. She writes about faeries, dragons, and other fantasy creatures for adults as herself and for tweens and young adults as Deb Logan. Visit to learn more about her currently available work.
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